4 Common Types Of Filter Bags

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Filter bags are innovative filtration solutions with high demand in numerous industries. They serve different purposes like treatment of groundwater, industrial process water, wastewater and cooling water. Visit a reputable filter bag manufacturer, and you can choose from a wide variety types of  filter bags with different features and applications.

High-temperature dust collector filter bags have few unique characteristics and properties, making them one of the most preferred filter media options. If you want to ensure that this filter technology is the best for your industries, enhance your knowledge about the different types of filter bags. Knowing all their benefits will help you choose the right dust collector bag supplier and make a more informed decision.

Different Types Of Filter Bags

  • Aramid

Aramid filter media is also known as Nomex and can handle a maximum operating temperature of around 400 degrees Fahrenheit. The primary benefit of using high-quality Aramid is that they are capable of handling very high temperatures. Though this filter media has numerous applications, they are generally used in households over mittens. Avoid using it in applications that require acid-resistant media. You can identify these bags by their usual yellow colour.


 Filter cloth

  • Fiberglass

If you are looking for a dust collection media capable of handling around 500 degrees Fahrenheit high temperatures, choose fibreglass. This filter media is made with densely packed fine fiberglass filaments. Few of the industries where they are commonly used are chemicals, minerals and energy. They are more cost-effective than other high heat filter media. Visit a dust collector bag supplier and you can choose from a wide variety of fiberglass in different colours. They also have different types of treatment like carbon and silicon.


  • PPS

PPS is also known as Procon or Ryton. They are used in dust collection applications which require high resistance to alkaline and acids. The primary difference between PPS and other high-temperature filter media is that the former has a low tolerance to heat but can handle chemicals better. If you are looking for a filter media which can handle maximum continuous operating temperatures of 375 degrees Fahrenheit, choose PPS. Few of its common applications are asphalt, incinerator, chemicals, cement, carbon black and coal-fired boilers.


  • P84

P84 dust collector filter media is ideal for applications where the operating conditions are 500 degrees Fahrenheit. They work well in dry high heat temperatures and can withstand high levels of moisture. They offer high resistance to acids when compared with PPS. Filter bag manufacturers import the proprietary fabric from Germany. The expensive filter media has numerous applications like smelting, energy, glass, ceramic, lime kilns, power and cement.

Since you are now aware of the common types of filter bags, it’s time you get in touch with a reputable manufacturer like SAF.

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