4 Major Reasons for Premature Failures of Dust Collector Filters

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Dust collector filters are used to remove the pollution particles from the air in case of a commercial production process. Hence, the name suggests that it is a filter in layman’s term, and its work is to cleanse the air. What if it fails in doing its duty? The air around will get polluted with the leftover specks of dust generated from the commercial processes.

Hence the dust collector bags suppliers focus on extending the life of the bag houses as much as possible. However, no matter what sorts of protective layers they put, premature failures or damaged filter bags are inevitable. Here’s a list of common problems that can damage a dust collector bag easily.

Why a Dust Collector Bag Gets Damaged?

Physical Scratches

Sometimes due to excessive particles loaded in the bags, they get rubbed against each other. Different scratches might get formed due to the same. Thus the fabric manufacturers in India focus particularly on using the best quality material to avoid any scratch. However, the baghouse filters, which are being used in shakers, pulse jet and similar other processes, get scratched, reducing the quality of the bags.

Filter cages

Exposure to High Temperature

They are used in different processing centres where the temperature levels are varying in nature. Although they are made temperature proof, however, if the bags are used above the upper-temperature limit, there’s a fair chance of getting damaged. Sometimes a sudden reaction in a process might cause a spike in the temperature. Even then, the bag will get damaged readily.

Sudden Fire

Manufacturing processes can cause sudden sparks, which can lead to big fires. That’s not a big deal! But this is a harmful situation for the baghouse filters. Whenever a spark gets ignited, the bags of dust stored in the bags get illuminated, and the bag catches fire! That’s it. It doesn’t require a professional to understand the situation of the pack after that!

Chemical Reactions

It is recommended that you should always select the correct fibre for the baghouse filter depending on the process where it will be used. The dust collector bags suppliers always focus on producing dust bags of different chemical compositions. Hence if you select the wrong one, then there’s a high probability that a harmful chemical reaction will eventually burn the filter bag. This will undoubtedly have a theatrical effect on the bag.

If you choose the right type of filter bag and try to avoid such situations and assure maintenance, then the longevity of the same will be pretty high.

To make sure that you’re purchasing the correct type of filter bags for your company, buy from Saf Filter Pvt Ltd. We have been in this industry for the last three decades, and we provide filter bags as per the customers’ needs. We produce filter bags with fabrics that are tolerant of every condition. However, we prefer knowing the customers’ needs in details and suggest the types of filters that will suit their purposes.

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