4 Simple Tips to Select the Right Filter Bag for Your Industry

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In a constant effort to fight air pollution, industries are trying to get something robust and efficient when choosing filter bags. This is a special device that plays a crucial role in extracting harmful substances from the air to keep the surrounding environment safe. From oil to gas and cement – you can see extensive use of filter bags in a wide variety of industries to control air pollution.

It is important to choose the right kind of filter bags for your industry as per the quantity of polluted substances your factory or warehouse releases daily. There are several factors you should consider while choosing a filter bag for your daily production. Here are some tips to make your job a little easier than before.

Filter bag

  • Consider Industrial Process Specifications

Ensure that the dust cartridge filter you are purchasing for your manufacturing requirements must meet industrial process specifications, plant technological features and the characteristics of chemicals and dust you are producing at your site. These things might seem complicated to understand, but your filter bag manufacturer and supplier will help you to get the right thing as per your requirements and project type.

  • Check the Sleeves

Often the filtering sleeves require replacement. Their durability is not quite reliable in terms of withstanding wear and tear. Hence, it is required to check the sleeves of filtering bags to ensure that you are investing in the right product to save cost on frequent replacement and repairing.

  • Consider the Fabrics

It is always important to consider the fabrics of the filter bag to ensure the best result out it. Though a range of textiles is used to create industrial filtering cartridges, tissue felt bags are the most efficient and trusted ones. This is an advanced product that comes with extreme chemical tolerance to synthetic solvents, mineral and organic acids. 

  • Ensure Temperature Resistance

Baghouse systems typically play a vital role in reaching the increase of temperature in the dust collector. The dust collector you have installed at your site must have the right kind of filter bags that come with maximum temperature resistance.

Get the Best Product from Top Manufacturers

Filter bags manufacturers can make it easier to find the right product as per your budget and production requirements. Whether you need it for your oil plants or concrete manufacturing site – you will be delivered the right product at the right price.

SAF Filter is one such company that manufacture and supply premium quality filter bags and other dust collector devices. Please get in touch with us to know more.

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