All You Need to Know About Filter Cages for Baghouses

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Efficient cleaning is vital for domestic as well as industrial purposes. In particular, baghouses can easily collect dust particles and facilitate cleaning. Now, that last thing you would want is for your baghouse to collapse in the middle of a cleaning session. To ensure that your baghouse is serving its purpose, it is essential to use sturdy filter cages. Here is all the information you must have on a filter cage for baghouses.


What is a filter cage?

A filter bag cage is often termed as a dust collector cage. The acceptable materials for constructing a filter cage are stainless steel or galvanised carbon steel. Also, a layer of epoxy, silicone coating or PVC vinyl coating protects the metal from corrosion. A filter cage uses the revolutionary technology of hot-melt joining. Thanks to its sturdy build, it helps in the efficient removal of dust particles by a filter bag.

Now, a filter cage is made up of both horizontal and vertical wires. Smooth welding ensures a seamless design. The shape of the enclosure can be adjusted according to the dust collector bag. So, it can be customised to be flat, round, or envelope-shaped by a seasoned filter cage manufacturer. Apart from a robust, ergonomic design, it is incredibly light. Hence, a dust collector cage can be easily installed and maintained.


Filter cage manufacturer

Which type of baghouses needs a filter cage?


Pulse-jet baghouses are renowned for the best cleaning efficiency. In such devices, a filter cage is a must-have. The purpose of the cage is to keep the baghouse from collapsing as the dirty air enters the system. A “rigid wire” filter cage is often used for pulse-jet baghouses. These baghouses occupy very little space. Further, they require a lesser number of bags and hence, can be easily maintained.


It uses individual “stringer wires” to provide better support. It provides uniform and well-distributed support to the entire baghouse structure. Thus, there is minimal pressure on the system during the dust collection cycle. The use of anti-corrosive technology like galvanisation helps filter cages to work better for a long time.


What are the industries where filter cages can be used? 


The scope of application for a filter cage is abundant. A large number of industries make use of pulse jet baghouses and dust collector bags for better cleaning and dust collection. In particular, industries that have boilers or produce harmful emissions must use filter cages. It ensures that the company abides by environmental regulations for dust collection. A few of the industries than can use filter cages are:


  • Medicine industry
  • Mine industry.
  • Power stations running on coal
  • Plastic products industry
  • Food industry
  • Cement industry
  • Steel power stations
  • Paper industry
  • Construction and building industry


The perfect cage size, shape, and materials are crucial for a successful baghouse. So, you must trust a reputed filter cage manufacturer for all your dust collector bags requirements. SAF Filter Pvt. Ltd provides affordable and quality filter cage solutions. Their services are customised to fit the individual needs of companies belonging to different industries.

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