Basic Requirements of A Filter Cloth that Enhance Best Performance

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A filter cage is an integral tool for dust collection. It also keeps the air clean. It is placed on the chimneys of different heavy industries. The whole operation starts after the filter cage is attached with a filter cloth.

Importance of Filter Clothes and Cages:

Industrial dust and hazardous air pollutants get captured in filter cages. However, there are several requirements of these cages. These vary between industries. The basic requirements help for a hassle-free and long operation of the filter cages.

Top Factors to Check before Installing Filter System:

In the following part, one can learn about these requirements. Following these steps will enhance the good performance of the filter cages and cloth.

Basic Requirements of A Filter Cloth

  • Raw Gas Temperature: The filter cage is placed atop the chimney of a factory. A high amount of heated gas erupts through the chimney during operation. Noting the raw gas temperature is important to purchase a filter cage. One should choose a cage that remains intact even at high temperatures. It has importance to control the temperature of the housing too.
  • Explosion Protection System: Explosion may occur due to different atmospheres in the industrial production process. It can also happen when the filter cages are not properly cleaned. To prevent this problem, one should check the materials of the cages and cloth. Tested filter systems should be purchased that doesn’t get damaged even after the explosion.
  • Volume Flow Rate: The volume flow rate is an important factor in choosing a filter system. This rate determines the effectiveness of a filter system. When the volume flow rate is high, one can divide the filters into different chambers and filter elements.
  • Sound Level: There are different specifications for measuring the sound pressure level. The ventilator in the filter system is the main source of sound. One should be careful in selecting the system that produces low noise. The sound pressure can also be controlled by applying vibration dampers and silencers on the filters.

Checking these basic requirements will ensure a proper industrial operation. The filter system is integral to check the air pollution. One should give proper care before selecting a proper system for their industry.

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