Everything You Need to Know About Filter Bag Dust Collectors

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The filter bag dust collector is an important air pollution control device. In the current situation where the world is going through a global climatic crisis, it is significant to know about the industrial significance of filter bag dust collectors.

It helps to remove particulates or gas released into the air from various commercial processes undertaken in the industries.

Here are things you need to know about before consulting the filter bag supplier and manufacturers.

Where Are Filter Bags Used?

The filter bags are mostly used to control the emission of air pollutants in power plants, steel mills, and pharmaceutical industries. It is also utilised by food manufacturers, chemical producers and other industrial companies.

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Types of Filter Bags

There are various types of industries which utilise filter bag for dust collection. The application is mainly dependent on the kind of material it is made of. The varieties which are most commonly used are as follows:

  • Mechanical Shakers: This kind of filter bags collects dust on the inside surface by suspending from top horizontal beams. These bags are available in ranges of sizes from small to large to compartmentalised units. In the case of the shakers, there must not be any positive pressure inside the bag during the shake cycle.


  • Reverse Air: In this kind where the contaminated air enters the bag and flows through the bag from inside. They are categorized to allow the operation continuously. The shape of the bag, in this case, is maintained through the flow of the polluted air.


  • Pulse Jet: In this case, the dust is collected outside the bag. It is supported by the filter cage, which is made of metal. This cage prevents the bag from collapsing.

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