Learn More about Different Air Slide Fabrics for Industrial Use

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The operation of industrial units involves a lot of emissions. The thick billowing industrial smoke contains various harmful materials that can harm human health. However, the pollutants can be filtered out by using specific fabric-based filters. There are different air slide fabric specification that are used in industry.

Why Air Slide Fabric?

The fabric in these industrial filters allows smoke to pass through and checks the flow of the pollutants. The semi-permeable cloth is placed between the airflow box and the material that needs to be forwarded. The fabrics can be placed in as many as 12 industrial sectors.


Common Types of Air Slide Fabrics

In this blog, one can find more about air slide fabric specifications. The features and other vital details of these fabrics are discussed here in detail.

  • Polyester Fabric: It is one of the most popular ingredients for manufacturing air slide fabrics. One can operate these fabrics under various circumstances without the worry of any damage. The polyester fabric also has better resistance to fungus as it cannot absorb water. The thickness of these clothes may vary from 3 to 12 millimetres. The fabrics are commonly used in the cement, steel and pharmaceutical industries.
  • Cotton-Based Fabric: There are a few better options than cotton-based fabrics for belting purposes. Though cotton is not the best option for wet usage, it is a great option for self-cleansing. The manufacturer has to mix silicone with cotton to match their industrial usage. The length, width and thickness of these air slide fabrics can be customised according to the user’s specifications. The cotton fabrics can also withstand a maximum temperature of 100 degrees Celsius.
  • Nylon-Based Fabric: The polyamide or nylon-based air filter fabric is solidly woven with nylon yarns. These are permeable to air and can be used in different industries. One can use them in industries having pneumatic conveyors of bulk materials. From cement plants to metallurgical industries, these fabrics find wide usage.
  • Aramid Fabrics: If someone is looking for lightweight air slide fabrics for heavy industrial use, they can use this type. These fabrics are useful in reducing the whole weight of the system. As a result, it can reduce the overall power consumption. The melting point of these fabrics is 400 degrees Celsius.

These are the popular types of air slide fabrics that are popularly found in the industrial field. One may find a host of manufacturers, but they need to consult a well-known source. One can contact SAF Filter Private Limited to get strong and durable air slide fabric specification. One can head on to their website for more details.

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