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Though numerous companies offer filter cloth, look for someone reputable if you want to invest in high-quality products. Generally, filter cloth used for various industrial filtration processes is manufactured using a complex weave process. Different types of yarns used to make industrial filter cloths are monofilament, staple fibre, multifilament and synthetic materials like polyester. They have a filtration rating of 1-1000 microns, so you can choose one according to your filtration needs.

What Is Filter Cloth?

Industrial filter cloths are made using different filter materials and follow a complex technical weaving process. It is advisable to choose a fabric for the filter cloth after considering the temperature and chemical environment. Choose a type of weave that can meet your requirements as far as mechanical resistance and filtration quality are concerned. Various types of yarn are used in a complex weave.

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Types Of  Industrial Filter Cloth

  • Single Layer Weave Filter Cloth

The single-layer weave filter cloth is generally used for filter belts, filter presses, vacuum filters, and gravity filters. It is manufactured using a technical weaving process, so the product has superior mechanical stability and abrasion resistance. These cloths are used in industries to filtrate medium or large particles. Invest in a high-quality single-layer weave filter cloth, and you can expect a high throughout and good filtration quality.

  • Double Layer Weave Filter Cloth

The demand for double-layer weave filter cloth is also quite high is interesting products used in the filtration process. The weaving process has high stability and high mechanical strength. The fabric has a filtration rating of a few microns. The double-layer weave filter cloth is used in vacuum belt filters in the mining or automotive industry. Few common types of filter cloths are polypropylene PP, polyester PES, and fluorinated materials like PTFE and PVDF.

  • Monofil Filter Cloth

The mixed filter cloth offers the perfect blend of a low filtration rating and a good discharge capacity. The filter fabric is manufactured by combining the monofilament fabric on the outside and a staple fibre on the inside. The mixed filter cloth is used on vacuum belt filters or pressure filters. Before choosing a type of filter cloth for your industrial filtration needs, examine its level of certification and cleanliness by an external laboratory.

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