Types of Filter Cages Important for Dust Collection

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Filter cages are generally stainless steel or carbon steel and are used as dust collector cages in different industries. The same is attached to the filter bag and helps effectively remove the industrial specks of dust and dirt. This cage can be either round, oval, flat or envelope in shape and size. Depending on the make and model of the dust collector bag, different types of filter cage, the shape is fixed. Apart from the standard designs, there’s also a range of customised designs available to every filter cage manufacturer. Depending on the industry where the same is being used, the shape and size of the filter cage are fixed. Whether you want to use a new one or replace the old one with a new one, you can find one per your need.

What are the Different Types of Filter Cages?

Filter cloth required for the filter cages is also a great option that needs to be kept in mind while selecting a suitable filter cage for industrial filtration purposes. Look at the different types of filter cages that you might use.

Types of Filter Cages

  • Flat Filter Cages

These cages are preferred mostly by the industries operating in food processing and cement manufacturing. The manufacturers follow OEM standards for making these cages. These are generally corrosion-free and are easy to maintain and install. Hence the majority of industries prefer this design. They act as a replacement for dust collectors in these industries.

  • Round Filter Cages

This is another variety of standard filter cages, and they have top and bottom caps attached with the filter cage. Round filter cages are largely used, and the same production is most commonly found among different filter cage manufacturers. The designs of the round filter cage might vary from venturi, star filter cage to bent filter cage.

  • Spider Filter Cages

These types of cages are commonly used in pulse jet baghouses. This is a new type of filter cage design used to ensure the filter bags are operating efficiently.

  • Split Filter Cages

These are also used in pulse jet baghouses similar to the spider filter cages. They are commonly known as two-piece cages and have a separate headroom attached with the same.

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