What Is The Use Of Industrial Filter Bag In Commercial Sectors?

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Reliable filtration is crucial to maintain the quality and consistency of any industrial output. Fabric bag filters play a crucial role in the filtration system in any industrial sector. The key function includes removing solid particles. By doing so, you can avoid damaging the equipment, increase the workflow, and increase the product quality.
The bag filters also prevent downstream equipment from clogging. This further minimises the maintenance cost and downtime of the machinery. For the best quality filtration products for your business, you can contact reliable industrial filter bags suppliers.

The Types of Bag Filters and Their Applications in Different Industries

Bag filters are reliable and adaptive methods for filtering liquids of different viscosities and uses. The process of filtration is easy: the liquid moves from inside the filter bag to outside, holding the particles inside the bag.

There are mainly two types of bag filter systems-

  • The Single Bag Filtering

The single-bag filtration has a one-bag filter, which is best for simple filtration needs. It works great when industries need to perform quality control and eliminate dust particles, but the flow rate is very low. Different durable and absorbent materials are used to make bag filters for filtering contaminants and dust particles.

  • Multi-bag Filtering

As the name suggests, the multi-bag filters can hold more than the single-bag filter. Their features make them best for larger operations and where the water flow is higher than normal.

What Are The Different Industries That Utilise Filter Bags?

You can know the importance of using bag filters after you know their applications-

  • Chemical production: The filter bags purify the liquids and protect the equipment from contaminants during the manufacturing process.
  • Food and beverage industry- By filtering, industries can ensure that products are safe and of good quality. The filters remove particulates, microbes and other impurities from liquids.
  • Oil and gas extraction industry—Bag filters are used to reduce the solid matter in drilling fluids, fracking liquids, and other substances.
  • Paints and coatings: The filters reduce particulates to maintain consistent quality and also reduce impurities in the finished products.
  • Water treatment plant: The filters remove suspended solids from the water supply and wastewater treatment plant before final discharge.

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