Filter Sleeves/ Bags

Filter sleeves

SAF Filter is leading manufacture of filter sleeves and bags with quality materials for any type of industrial dust plant in India. Filter sleeves can be manufactured from a variety of materials such as Cotton, Polyester, Polypropylene and more. All of our filter fabrics bags are manufactured to the best specifications relating to thickness, air permeability, size and stability as well as our fabric range to allow for better dust release and more.

  • Low temperature, High dust load applications
  • Filtration of high temperature up to 400°C or more
  • Fuel gas from coal-fired boilers in power plants
  • Dust capture from solid waste incineration
  • Filtration of toxic Gas with high content of polluting metallic elements.
  • Filtration of corrosive and other chemically active dust.
  • Capture of high value dust such as gold, silver & titanium.
  • Investives to improve plant layout and to manage filtration problems.
  • Undertake dust collector rehabilitation & maintenance engagements.

Filter Bags

saf filter bags, made from high quality felts and woven fabrics are sewed to meet specific requirements and exacting dimensional standards of several key industries. These sophisticated products are manufactured using computerized management of technical drawings, models and specifications. The continuous manufacturing cycle maintains quality of fibres besides minimizing defects and confectioning mistakes.

Following Types of Filter Bags are made for complete customer satisfaction.