Best Dust Collector Bag Filter – How to Choose the Same?

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Without the right dust collector bag filter, industries will have difficulty capturing and filtering harmful particles from the manufacturing process. Keeping this in mind, dust collector bag suppliers generally make filters with utmost care and precision. When the correct type of dust collector filter bags is used, the manufacturing process becomes safe.

This filtration process plays an important role, especially in industrial spaces. It helps to improve production efficiency and creates a healthy working environment for the workers.

What is a dust collector bag filter?

The bag filter is mainly used for dry filtration. It is a type of fabric that removes dust particles from the air and gases to make the environment non-polluted. Bag filters are usually cylindrical in shape. When the filtration occurs correctly, the accumulated dust cakes are found at the bottom of the filter bag.

How to select the best bag filter?

  • Check the material properties

To select the best quality filter, make sure that you select the right type of material. Cotton, for example, is heat resistant, while polyester is capable of performing. Depending on your filtration needs, you need to select the material of your filter bag.

If the filtration needs are less, cotton can be a feasible choice. Again, for reverse air dust collector systems, it is feasible to use flexible, smooth, and lightweight materials.

  • Check the operating temperature

While selecting the material, make sure you check the temperature levels of the filter bags as well. Generally, materials like PVC, nylon, fibreglass, polyamide, and PTFE are some of the heat-resistant fibre materials that can be sufficiently used for the purpose of filter bags. Apart from that, you need to monitor the temperature levels of the filtering process so that you do not end up choosing the wrong type of material for the filter bag.

  • Know the requirements

You must consider the filter bag’s basic requirements before choosing its materials. Contact a design engineer to determine the correct size, shape, and type of particles that need to be filtered using the bags. Knowing the filtration process will help you select the right material for the filter bag.

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