How Can You Pick The Right Filter Bag Or Sleeve For Industrial Process?

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Industries use filter bags or sleeves to trap pollutants from the air, making it clean before passing through industrial chimneys. These filters are either oval or cylindrical.
The filters are made of soft filter garments like cotton, polyester, and polypropylene. They are manufactured after considering factors like thickness, permeability, size, and fabric stability.
As pollution levels are soaring daily, several strict laws have been implemented. One major way to control pollution is to use filter bags to remove dust particles liberated by industries. If you plan to buy filter bags or sleeves for your industrial premises, let’s explore the points to choose the best quality filter bags for your manufacturing unit.

The Factors to Consider Before Choosing the Filter Bags

  • Specifications

All industries have different requirements for filter bags due to the different types of products they manufacture. Discuss your needs with the filter sleeve manufacturer so the expert can guide you in picking the best one.

  • Bag Filter Sleeve

The sleeves are needed to make the bag filters work best. Therefore, they should be made with good-quality materials and high-end technical fittings. If you are using a good material, higher durability is likely. As the filters constantly purify the air, they face wear and tear frequently. Hence, you need to check their condition at regular intervals and change them when needed.

  • Right Fabric

You must choose a highly durable and comfortable fabric for filter sleeves or bags. The selected fabric should have high chemical resistance to absorb chemical pollutants.

  • Properties Of Dust

Knowing the product type, emitted particle type, and bag filter type is good before buying a bag filter or sleeve. The aim is to reduce pollutants. Thus, you need to know the kind of dust particles generated before buying the filter sleeves.

  • Micron Rating

Each particle has a different size and micron rating. Before buying the filter sleeve, check the micron rating and decide on the best one for your industrial needs.

  • Temperature And Moisture Resistant

The filter bag or sleeve you choose should be resistant to temperature and moisture. Hence, you must check the bag filter properly before you install it on the industrial premises.

SAF Filter is the leading manufacturer of filter sleeves and bags made with the highest-quality materials. The filter bags are made with high-quality felts and woven fabrics, which are sewn according to the specific needs of the industries. Consult our team regarding your filter sleeve requirements.

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