Know More About Filter Cages Before Approaching A Manufacturer

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Filter cages are an integral part of every baghouse dust collector system. You can prevent premature bag failure by replacing the damaged cage. You can choose the right filter cage manufacturer if you know the benefits of why you should change them on time and the types of filter clothes available.

Few Reasons You Should Change The Filter Cage On-Time

  • The System Will Work Better

It becomes a challenge for the air in a heating or cooling system to properly circulate if the filter becomes dirty or clogged due to various contaminants. The system will become stressed and the equipment must work harder to move the air. You can save it from breaking down or overheating by changing the filter sleeves at the right time.

  • Enjoy More Comfort

Once a system becomes incapable of filtering the air because of the clogged filter cage, it fails to circulate the air properly and prevents them from entering the house. An insufficient amount of conditioned air circulating in a house will make you feel uncomfortable. You can enjoy better comfort by changing the filter cages at the right time.

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2 Common Types Of Filter Clothes

  • Single Layer Weave Filter Cloth

They are used for filter presses, vacuum filters, filter belts, and gravity filters. A technical weaving process is used when manufacturing them, so the product has excellent abrasion resistance and mechanical stability. These cloths are used in industries to filtrate medium or large particles. Choose high-quality single-layer weave filter cloth for high throughout and good filtration quality.

  • Double Layer Weave Filter Cloth

The demand for this filter cloth variety is quite high as they are widely used in filtration. The weaving process has high stability and high mechanical strength. The fabric has a filtration rating of a few microns. Generally, they are used in vacuum belt filters in the mining or automotive industry.

Ready To Invest In Affordable Filter Cages?

Most business owners prefer using standard filter bags for dust collection as they are available at a lower price than pleated filters. You need numerous equipment in an industrial plant which can increase your spending. In some industries, you must install numerous dust collection systems and require numerous filter bags. You can maximise your savings by getting in touch with the experts at SAF and using filter cages instead of pleated elements.

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