Pleated Filters vs. Filter Bags: Which One Should You Choose?

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Industrial facilities emit a large volume of smoke in their day to day operations. The thick dark smoke contains various particles that cause air pollution. To control the emission, many factories use filtering systems on the chimney.

Types of Baghouse Filters

Baghouse filters are a common system to filter the smoke from the factories. The bags are generally made of polyester or fabric to capture the dust and pollutants. Generally, there are two kinds of filter bags, one being the standard filter bag and another being the pleated filter bag.

Pleated Filters vs. Filter Bags – Comparison between the Two Filter Bags

Both filter systems have specific features and benefits of usage. Here, you can find a comparative analysis of the two products. This will help you make an informed decision in choosing a particular filter system.

Advantages of Pleated Filter Bags

Better Air to Cloth Ratio: The pleated filters have a wider cloth area than the standard baghouse filters. The pleats in the filter help control dust and other pollutants with better efficiency. This allows operating the filter at a lower differential pressure.

Long-Lasting: Pleated filter bags are generally produced with spun bound polyester, known for durability. These bags can be easily used in factories that deal with abrasive materials. Unlike traditional bag filters, the pleated filters are much shorter. This helps the filter to withstand abrasive particles brought in by industrial smoke.

Advantages of Standard Filter Bags

Flexible Application: Filter bags can be used in nearly most industrial facilities. There are certain industrial operations and environments where pleated filter bags may not be suitable. The pleated bags cannot be used in factories that create smoke with moisture. The dust may stick to the creases of the bag and affect the overall efficiency of the product.

Lower Price: Standard filter bags are an economical option to check smoke emissions. Other filters require different ancillary parts and equipment. This may increase the overall cost of the filtering equipment. The standard bags are durable and easy to clean. So you do not have to incur additional maintenance costs in the future.

These are some salient features of standard and pleated filter bags. You can easily compare the qualities of both items and choose one for your industrial application. To purchase the filter bags from a trusted source, you should contact SAF Filter Private Limited. We provide top grade filter bags made from polyester and specially woven fabric. Using our filters, you can be assured of better efficiency in checking industrial emissions. Contact us for more details.

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