Factors To Consider While Selecting Industrial Filter Bags

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Dust filter bags are made with high precision, temperature, and corrosion-resistant materials. Since industrial filter bags are commonly used for economically filtering solids and semi-liquid particles from industrial processing, choosing the right type of industrial filter bag for the process is important.

According to the industrial filter bag manufacturers, the selection of the filter bags depends on a few factors. Majorly, industrial clients prefer considering the size of the filtered materials, speed of the filtration, cleaning method, and the humidity under which the filter bag will operate.

How do you select the best type of industrial filter bag?

Based on gas temperature

It is important to check the temperature level of the dust-containing gas before buying the filter bag. There are generally two types of filter bags. You can select the ones that will operate above 130 degrees centigrade and those below 130 degrees centigrade temperature levels. If the temperature is below 130 degrees centigrade, polyester can be selected as the filter bag material. For the filter bags that need to operate under high temperatures, flumex and PTFE are the best materials that should be considered.

Based on gas humidity

Dusty gases are generally classified under different categories. When the humidity level is low, it is known as dry gas, while the gas is normal with relative humidity. Again, if the humidity level is high and more than 80%, the gas is known as high humid gas. The filter bag materials are chosen depending on the humidity levels of the gas.

Based on dust properties

When the dust has a high flowability property, it can wear out the filter bags and reduce their lifespan. Hence, the filter bags are selected depending on the dust granules’ flowability, nature, and texture. For common dust particles like aluminium powder, coke, carbon and other types of abrasive dust particles, you must select the filter bag accordingly.

Based on cohesion and adhesion properties

Before selecting the filter bag, the industries must also check the cohesion and adhesion properties of the dust particles. The cohesion and adhesion of the particles increase and decrease depending on the humidity levels. If these properties are not checked, dust will cling to the filter bags over time, hindering their cleaning process.

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