When Should You Replace Your Dust Collector Filter Bags?

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Are you confused about replacing your filter bags? Changing a filter too late can expose the workers in the facility to harmful dust and the potential for explosions or fires. Your energy cost will also increase if the filter bags are heavily clogged. You must also find a reliable dust collector bag supplier to ensure its quality. There are several factors that can affect your dust collector bags’ efficiency. Here are the important reasons to replace your filter bags.

Four Signs that You Need To Replace Your Filter Bags

No Air Flow

There is no definite shape or size of dust, making filtering more difficult as tiny particles can pass through, and larger ones can cause blockages or start building up. Over time, the dust itself can start accumulating in pockets. This causes dust diversion to other areas instead of being spread uniformly, eventually increasing the volume in a single area. Sadly, this process goes on at a fast pace until the air passages in the bag’s fabric get fully clogged. This is why consider replacing your filter bags as soon as you notice a reduction in performance. 

Filter Damage

Notice whether the dust is streaming out from the filter’s exhaust. An abrupt drop in differential pressure also indicates filter damage. Excessive heat and moisture can cause damage to the fabrics of dust collector bags. This can cause the bags to lose their dimensional stability and become incapable of collecting dust. 

Incorrect Filter

Many people tend to choose filter bags just seeing the lower price tag. They sometimes end up going for the bags that aren’t appropriate to serve the purpose properly. The filter media might not have the correct chemical rating for the application or temperature. You can check whether the dust is emerging from the stack. 

Filter Blinding

This means the dust-collecting bag isn’t capable of functioning optimally. Every product comes with a lifespan. If the bag has become deeply loaded with dust, even regular cleaning won’t be able to help, and you need to replace it.

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