Why Should You Replace the Dust Collector Industrial Filter Bag?

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Management of uncontrolled amounts of dust becomes difficult for the small and the large scale industries. They generally take many steps to minimise the spread of airborne dust so that the workers’ health is not affected; however, the issue remains unaddressed. This generally impacts the quality of the air within the factory. Hence you must install good quality dust collector industrial filter bag for the purpose.

If the dust collector industrial filter bag has been damaged, the same needs to be changed as soon as possible. Changing a filter too early might add to the expenses, while changing it late will pollute the air. With the help of a renowned industrial filter bag manufacturer like SAF Filter Pvt Ltd. you can get hold of good quality filter bags.

However, you must keep the points in mind that help to change the damaged industrial filter bag.

3 Different Types of Filter Bag Damages that needs to be Fixed Immediately

Filter Damage

Whenever you find the dust particles streaming out of the collector’s exhaust system, it’s time for you to clean up the dust and change the filter bag. Again if the differential pressure falls, a sudden drop shows that the filter has been damaged beyond repair. Various reasons can cause filter damage. Out of the same conditions, fire and explosion are also common. Moreover, moisture and excessive heat can also damage the filter bags if they are polyester.

Filter Blinding

Filter blinding is another commonly found reason that damages the condition of filters. When the filter blinding is damaged, you must be sure that the filter bag has reached the end of its usable life. Whenever the differential pressure of the filter bag goes down, you must be sure that the bag has become dirty and the same needs to be replaced.

Incorrect Filter Media

In case the size of the filter bags is improper, then the filter bags will not perform optimally. Most companies use their filter selections based on the price of the filter bags, whereas the major focus should be on selecting the filter bags based on their size. Hence learn about the fabrics of good quality that can be used for filter bag manufacture. Make sure you approach a renowned fabric manufacturer in India for the best quality fabric for the filter bags.

Filter bags are meant for the purpose of keeping the air quality of the industries pure and free from dust. Hence, it’s advisable that you change the same as soon as the filter bag gets damaged.

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