Type of Filter Bags that Helps to Reduce Dust and Pollution

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Factories are common commercial establishments that regularly deal with dust pollution in the air. That can cause several negative effects on the workers. To ensure better health, the dust needs to be drained out. The main purpose is to prevent air pollution and illness of workers.

The filter bag is a dust deductor. Here we discuss the type of filter and their advantages.

Common Dust Extractor Filter Types – The dust deductor is generally classified into two types. One is cartridge air filters, and another one is extractor filter bags.

Cartridge Filter – This type of filter is made in cylindrical form. There are a few types of filter media. The air passes through the media, and dust is captured in the fibre panel. Also, cartridge filter has two types –

  • Surface Filter – The surface filter captures the dust and pollution at the very first stage, and the media don’t allow it to pass through. During this time, they block the surface with the proper flow of air in the filter, which can impact malfunctions and damage the process. It is vital to change filters often to reduce the damage to the system.


  • Depth Filter – Surface filters pass through the air from the filtration media. The layer is designed gradually and captures the deep dust and pollution from the filter. These types of filters have a longer shelf life. It does not require much maintenance. There is no need to change too often.

Dust Extractor Filter Bags –

Filter bags are mainly used in HVAC systems filters. They have been placed in exhaust systems handling before air units. It keeps them protected from dust and pollution. It has a design with multiple pockets. It is known as baghouses. It is used to achieve maximum efficiency by using synthetic media with a small amount of air resistance.

Types of Fabrics that are used to make Filter Bags – 

  • Standard polyester;
  • Antistatic;
  • Universal Chemical Finish;
  • Nomex

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