Know The Design And Working Mechanism of Filter Bags

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The primary task of filter bags is to minimise pollution of the environment. Get in touch with a reputable manufacturer. They will consider the size of particles you want to filter before choosing a suitable separation mechanism and the right type of filtration product. Most of the manufacturers use the latest technology to produce bulk products, so you can buy them at competitive prices.

When Should You Choose Filter Bags?

Though you can choose from a wide variety of filter products, filter bags are recommended when the particle size is small and you need more gravitational effects to capture them. When polluted air enters a filter bag, pure gas is drawn off from the bag and solid particles are captured. A cyclone might not be effective if the particles are fine or of low density. You have to vent a gas-solid stream through a fabric filter.

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Particles You Can Separate With Filter Bags

What type of particles you can separate with a filter bag depends on the type of filter bag you are using.  Generally, the size of airborne dust found in industrial situations is less than 10µm. These particles can even enter one’s body through skin absorption, inhalation or ingestion. If you don’t want these particles to impact your health, start using high-quality filter bags in industrial settings. If the dust has extremely fine particles, you also have to use filtration techniques like electrostatic precipitators or wet washers. You have to spend more on the separation system if you want to collect finer particles.

Working Of Filter Bags

Filter bags are universally adopted as a method of filtration. They are used in pneumatic conveying systems to separate dusty or fine materials. They are also known as baghouses. Generally, they are made using felted or woven fabric and are long or cylindrical. They work through suction or positive pressure. First, the heavier particles fall at the entry and the lighter dust particles are carried inside the bag. Whether the dust will be collected inside or outside the bag depends on the cleaning technique.

Why Do You Have To Clean Filter Bags?

The gas flow might get interrupted if a large amount of dust accumulates on the filter media. If you want the product to offer top performance, choose a reputable filter bag manufacturer and clean the filter media at fixed intervals. Cleaning them also becomes necessary if you notice a significant drop in the pressure. Whether you should clean it in its filtration or isolation mode depends on the construction of the baghouse.  Some of the filter bags are designed in such a way so that the collected particles are directly discharged into the hopper. The bags are designed in such a way so that the pressure level is maintained between the clean side of the bag and the dirty side.

Since you now know the working mechanism of filter bags, it’s time you get in touch with the experts at SAF. You can choose from a wide variety of bags to fulfil your unique filtration needs.

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