Your Common Queries About Filter Sleeves Have Been Answered

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Though there are various types of industrial filters, the demand for filter sleeves is always quite high as they have numerous applications. They are an integral part of the manufacturing process in numerous industries. Few of them are pharmaceutical, cosmetics, food and beverage, and chemicals. If you want to make the most of filter sleeves in an industrial setting, make sure you select the right filter cloth. Visit a reputable manufacturer, and they will answer all your queries about filter sleeves.

4 Common Queries About Filter Sleeves Have Been Answered Below

  • “Can I Clean Filter Sleeves?”

Generally, filter sleeves manufacturers recommend using a high-pressure washer to clean them. The pressure should be between 800 to 900 psi. You can also get rid of embedded particles with chemical cleaning in the absence of a high-pressure washer. You have to take extra caution when using chemical solutions to clean filter cloths. You also have to ensure that the fabric is suitable for chemical cleaning. For example, you can choose acid or caustic cleaning for polypropylene fabric.

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  • “How Can I Increase The Lifespan Of Filter Sleeves?”

Since filter sleeves are an integral part of the filtration process, the quality of the cloth determines the efficiency of filtration. Two common causes that can shorten the filter cloth’s service life are mechanical abrasion and chemical attack. Discuss the operating conditions of the filter in detail with the manufacturer, and they will recommend the best product for ultimate durability. They might even share a few tips to increase their lifespan.


  • “How Will I Know The Right Time To Change Filter Sleeves?”

Though you don’t have to worry about the performance of filter sleeves you have recently installed in your machine, their quality can deteriorate over time. Replacing it at the right time is very important if you want to fulfil your industrial filtration needs properly. You will know that it is time to change the filter cloth when the filter cycle becomes long and the filter cake becomes wet. Its performance might even deteriorate if the cage bodies collapse or there are bent wires or broken welds.


  • “What Causes Internal Abrasion Marks Inside The Bags?”

Due to prolonged use, you might notice internal abrasion marks along the vertical wires in some of the bags. Generally, they occur due to an oversized bag or corrosion of deeply pitted cage wires. If you ever notice abrasion marks inside the bag, buy a new bag of the right size or replace the corroded wires with a new galvanised cage.


Since all your queries about filter sleeves have been answered, it’s time you get in touch with the experts at SAF Filter.

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