Filter Cloth: How to Choose the Right One for Your Industry?

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When you need the right kind of filtration in your industry as a part of your daily operation, you should look for the right kind of filter cloth. There are numerous types available in the market. Manufacturers of filter cloth can produce products as per the specific requirements of individual clients based on their industry type. How to choose the right filter cloth for industry.

Things to Consider for Filter Cloth Selection

There are several factors that buyers need to keep in mind while selecting and buying filter cloths for their daily operations. The selection mainly depends on;

  • Materials of the cloth
  • Types of the yarn
  • Patterns of the weave

While approaching a filter cloth manufacturer, you should check and discuss these factors so that you can obtain the right kind of filter cloth and enjoy a smooth, safe and reliable filtration at your factory or site.

Filter bag

Common Materials for Filter Bags

Nylon Filter Cloth: This type features optimal abrasive resistance along with robust alkali resistance. Miner and coal industries are two common areas where you can find this type of filter bag.

Polyester Filter Cloth: Strong acid resistance makes polyester one of the most suitable fabrics for making filter bags or filter cloths. This is why polyester is widely recognised as a popular option for its excellent extreme temperature up to 302 °F and good elongation.

Polypropylene Filter Bags: This particular fabric is characterised by nil moisture absorption, excellent permeability and sleekness. This has properties that shorten the cleaning time and filter cycle as well.

Choosing the Right Filter Cloth as per Your Requirements

It is important to select the right type of filter cloth or bags as per your specific needs. Whether you want to have it for your coal mine or need it for your cement manufacturing factory – you need to understand the features and the properties present in a filter cloth before ordering.

Your filter cages manufacturer can help you to understand the differences between various products and help you to grab the one that is most suitable for your industry. Most of these bags are designed to serve the challenging bag house components and deliver optimum filter bag performance along with extreme durability. They are able to provide you with custom filter cages and bags to match your specific requirements and budget.

SAF is a bright name in the industry of filter cloth, bags and cage manufacturing in India. We serve various industries with our premium products. Our products are specially designed to filter toxic gases and pollutants.

If you want to get something eco-friendly, cost-effective, durable and reliable for your factory, you can trust our products. Please get in touch with us for more information.

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