How To Effectively Use And Maintain Filter Cages?

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Filter cages play an important role in improving the efficiency of the industrial dust removal process. Hence maintaining them correctly is essential to ensure that your dust removal process goes on smoothly and the dust gets collected in the filter cages effectively; extreme temperature changes always have a positive and negative impact on the filter cages. The work of the filter cages is to stop the internal gas from cooling down below the dew point.

Hence proper care must be taken of the filter cages so they are not damaged. Here are a few points that all operators of different industries must remember to maintain the filter cages.

Tips to follow to maintain the filter cages

Prevent air leakage

The operators and maintenance managers must keep track of the amount of unwanted air leakage that is taking place from the dust collector system. Especially if the leakage is high, then make sure you control it below 3.5%. High leakage can cause the filter cage to get damaged beyond repair. Maintenance managers often overlook this issue, and the condition of the filter cage worsens.

Formation of dew condensation

The temperature of the dust bag collectors must be above the dew point of around 25 to 35 degrees centigrade. This ensures that the filter cage is not exposed to high-temperature levels. Extreme temperature conditions will damage the filter bag beyond repair.

Clean the filter cages

Many companies believe that a filter cage is installed for a lifetime. However, this is a myth. Most of the filter cages can be easily cleaned using water. You clean the filter cages at intervals every three months to ensure they are not damaged and working fine. The process is easy. You can blow off the dust and clean them with clear water. Cleaning the filter cages frequently helps to increase the life of the filter cages.

Avail safe heating options

If infrared electric heaters are used for dust collectors, there might be issues with the temperature control process. Hence, safe heating options must be available so the filter cage is not damaged.

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