Few Industries Where Filter Cages Are Widely Used

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Filter cages are an innovative filtration solution widely used for various industrial processes. Few of its common uses are groundwater treatment, wastewater, industrial process water and cooling water. Ensure that the one you are choosing is experienced and reliable. Their focus should be on offering quality filter cages specially designed according to your industry’s operational needs. If you want to ensure that a filter technology is the best for your industries, enhancing your knowledge about them is a must.

Filter cages

Buying Filter Cages? Common Industries Where They Are Generally Used

  • Mining And Chemical

Want to buy fabric cages for the chemical or mining industry? Choose a company manufacturing stainless steel filter cages. Some even carry an ASME stamp so you can hire them with better peace of mind. They even follow stringent regulations during the filtration process. The objective is to filter even the sub-micron particles.

  • Brewing

Filter cages are widely used in the brewing industry to remove protein and reduce the time required during the formation process, separate grains from sugar and remove unwanted solids before filling liquid in bottles. Various types of cages are used for liquid filtration in the brewing industry. Experts using those know how to use filter bags as tight bags can affect the process completely if used during the early stages.

  • Production Of Food And Beverages

Filter cages are widely used in the food and beverages industries as they offer a high level of reliability, and you don’t have to punch a hole in your pocket to buy and use them. Some of the companies like SAF Filter even customise the filter cages to suit the unique business requirements of their clients. You can rest assured that the quality of food and beverages won’t deteriorate because of the cages.

  • Water And Wastewater Purification

Want to purify water or wastewater using filter cages? Get in touch with a reputable filter cage manufacturer in your city, and they will choose the right method of removing contaminants from water. Though bag filters are an important component of the manufacturing process, reverse osmosis and activated carbon should also be used. The bags you are using to filter wastewater should eliminate contaminants of every type and size.

These been said, it’s time you get in touch with the experts at SAF Filter. They offer a complete line of replacement and custom designed dust collector filter cages to fit most manufacturer filter bag housings.

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