Few Factors that Can Hamper the Efficiency of the Filter Cages

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In order to reduce air pollution through chimneys in a factory, most people install filter bags. These look like coverings on the chimney, which filter out the soot and other harmful residue of industrial smoke. It is a proven method to check air pollution caused by industries.

Invest in High-Quality Materials:

Regardless of your industry’s manufacturing line, you must invest in a highly efficient baghouse filter and cage. No matter how efficient the filter cage is, you must take good care of the equipment. Various practical factors can hamper the functioning of the filter cage.

How to Maintain the Efficiency of Your Filter Cages?

In this blog, we talk about those factors that can affect the efficiency of a filter cage and a bag.

  • Speed of the Air: The efficiency of the dust-collecting bag and filter can be greatly affected by the air speed. You need to consider the speed of air for filtering the particles. The dust concentration can be highly affected by the filtering airspeed. In case of high dust concentration, the filtering air speed remains low.
  • Cleaning Interval: Accumulation of dust inside the filter cage and bag can deter their smooth function. It hampers the overall efficiency of the entire filtering system. To prevent such an issue, you must regularly clean the filter cage. This will clean the dust off the filter bags and cage and help in quality air filtering in your industry.
  • The Material: It is a crucial factor when we talk about the efficiency of the filter house bags and cages. The cages should be made of high-quality materials, not affected by the weather. The raw material should be lightweight too, which can play a major role in ventilation and filtration. If the cage and bag are not made of good material, the functionality of the components can be hampered.
  • Air Leakage: If your dust collection baghouse filter leaks air, the filtering process can get seriously affected. You must check the condition of the bag and the cage once in a while. This helps you determine whether there is a major tear or damage that is letting the air pass away.

These factors help you determine the efficiency of the filter cages. To get a quality filter cage for your industry, you must contact SAF Filter Pvt Ltd. We are a well-known manufacturer of filter bags and cages. To learn more, you can visit our website today.


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