Replace The Filter Cages In Your Industry Before It Is Too Late

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The primary task of filter cages is to provide basic filtration and prevent allergens and dust from mixing with the air we breathe. They are an integral part of the cooling and heating system in industries. You can make the dust collection system last longer with proper maintenance. Though you don’t have to worry about the performance of filter cages you have recently fitted, their performance can deteriorate over time. Such being the situation, approach a renowned manufacturer of filter cages if you ever feel that they need replacement.

4 Common Signs Indicating That You Should Replace The Filter Cages

  • Difference In Pressure

Sometimes, filters fail due to excessive run time. You can ensure that the filters are performing well by checking the differential pressure gauge. How long will filter cages last depend on their usage and the manufacturer you have approached. You can follow the manufacturer’s recommended change schedule or change the filter when you feel it is necessary. The gauge can also become clogged due to dust buildup in the lines.

Filter Cages

  • Air Quality Is Deteriorating

A very common sign indicating that you should replace the filter cages is when you notice that the air quality has started deteriorating. The primary task of the filter is to purify and improve air quality. Make sure you change damaged filters at the right time if you don’t want them to impact air quality. Air quality can also deteriorate due to installation issues or abrasive dust.

  • Excess Wear And Tear

Stop using the filter cages immediately if there are noticeable damages in the filters. Few of the common signs of excess wear and tear are loose gaskets, tears in the media, rust and damaged end caps. Please don’t assume that the filter has outlasted its purpose because it is caked with dust. Get in touch with a reputable filter cage manufacturer and they will let you know the right time to replace the filters.

  • Wrong Specifications

The filters will stop working if there is an issue with the specifications. Using incorrect filters for the cages can impact their efficiency. If you plan to buy new replacement filters, the first thing you should consider is their dimension and specifications. The objective is to make the filters work well with the original application or equipment.

Since you are now aware of the common signs indicating that you should replace the filter cages, it’s time you get in touch with the experts at SAF Filter.

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