Types Of Dust Collector Filter Bags You Can Choose From

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The demand for filter bags has enhanced drastically in the last few years due to numerous industrial applications. They are manufactured as per quality standards for better performance and client satisfaction. If you want to invest in filter bags specially designed to collect dust at maximum efficiency and effectiveness, choose a reputable manufacturer. With so many filter bags available in the market, choosing one often becomes a challenge. The bag you choose should suit the machine you are using and the operating conditions. Choosing the right filter bag will become easier if you know more about them.


Filter cloth

Common Types Of Filter Bag Fabrics You Can Choose From

  • Cotton

If the maximum operating temperature at which you are using the filter bag is 180°F, you can choose cotton bags. They are widely used on shaker type collectors and general applications like cleaning rooms, woodworking applications, atmospheric air cleaning and cement and rock products. Cotton does not have high chemical resistance, and the material is highly flammable. Some filter cage manufacturers choose cotton fibres as it has good chemical resistance in ambient and dry conditions. Avoid using it in the presence of oxidising agents and mineral acids.

  • Polyester

If the maximum operating temperature you are using the filter bag is 275°F, you can choose polyester bags. They have high resistance to abrasion, chemicals and dry heat degradation. You can expect good dimensional stability. It is why the demand for polyester filter bags is quite high nowadays. The material is superior to other synthetic materials as the former is ideal for dry heat applications. Avoid using it for moist heat as the material might undergo hydrolytic degradation. Though it offers resistance to organic acids and minerals, avoid a high concentration of carbolic acids, sulphuric or nitric.

  • Polypropylene

If the maximum operating temperature at which you are using the filter bag is 170°F, you can choose polypropylene bags. They are widely used for applications where moisture or chemical might attack.  They have excellent resistance to alkalis and acids and high strength. The fabric does not absorb moisture which makes them suitable for various applications. They offer good resistance to organic acids, minerals and alkalis. Keep them away from sodium potassium hydroxide and sodium if the operating temperature exceeds 200oF.

Since you are now aware of the common types of filter bags you can choose from, get in touch with the experts at SAF Filter.

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