Top 5 High-Temperature Dust Collector Filter Bag Options

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What is a dust collector filter bag? What are the significant functions of having the same in your industry? From the time the Clean Air Acts and the pollution control acts have come into place, every sector must abide by the standard government mandates. High-temperature dust collector filter bags are the ultimate saver of air from the pollutants.

In any industry where the emission of harmful air pollutants accompanies the production process, you definitely need high-temperature dust collector filter bags. But before you budge into getting one for your company, here’s a crisp and knowledgeable guide about the high-temperature dust collector filter bags.

Comprehensive Guide on standard Filter Bag Options

  • Aramid

If your company’s production process is operating at around 400 degrees Fahrenheit, then Aramid is the best filter option for you. They’re good with the high temperatures. You might find people using this is ovens for domestic purposes. You can quickly identify the bag by the yellow color. In case you’re working in chemical factories, then definitely select Aramid as the high-temperature dust collector filter bag! However, keep one thing in mind – with time, this bag will deteriorate.

Filter bag

  • Teflon

In technical language, you might hear people calling this by the name of PTFE. Unlike Aramid, this is quite expensive because it can withstand heat and is of superior quality when it comes to taking the dust out of the air. Since the cost is high, this is majorly used in steel plants, coal plants, cement companies, etc., and you can also trust this filter bag with alkaline and mineral acids.

  • Fiberglass

Unquestionably the most commonly used high-temperature dust collector filter bag, Fiberglass, is most effective for industries producing above 500 degrees Fahrenheit. Starting from the energy sector, you can easily use this in chemicals and minerals manufacturing companies. They are different in color and relatively cost-effective. So, if you don’t have the budget for Teflon, not an issue. Get hold of this one and start removing specks of dust.

  • PPS

Commonly known as either Ryton or Procon, these are primarily used to collect dust in industries operating in acidic or alkaline chemicals. Out of the filters mentioned above, the heat resistance for this is significantly less. The enterprises operating at 375 degrees can take the help of this filter bag. If you’re planning to use this for the higher temperatures, then you might get into trouble for doing so!

  • Polymide

Like the one mentioned above, Polymide is also a low-degree persistent filter bag. Maximum 500 degrees Fahrenheit is permissible if you’re using a polymide dust collector. The industries operating in waste energy, glass-ceramic, and cement manufacturing where the temperature doesn’t go beyond 500 degrees use polymide as a part of their dust collection process.

If you’re looking for the best high-temperature dust collector filter bags, SAF Filter should be your first choice. They are highly experienced in producing premium quality filter bags suitable at every temperature thereby providing you with the right kind of filtration opportunity.

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