High-End Filter Cages and their Various Applications

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Perfectly manufactured filter cages enable proper and efficient cleaning. They are available in various kinds and are ideal for fulfilling your entire industrial filter cage and cleaning needs. These premium quality filter cages are manufactured following the latest technology, making them cost-effective and versatile.

The Different Types of Filter Cages  

There are a wide array of superior filter cages made after complying with strict industrial standards. Let us have a look at these types –

  • Round Filter Cages: The round dust filter cages are a standard model having a top and bottom cap. The filter cage comes with the venture, the bent cage, star filter cage, and other multiple pieces of cage.
  • Flat Filter Cages: They are available in different types for pulse jet bag filter. They are highly preferred in industries like cement and food. The manufacturers follow high OEM standard so that it ideally suits the configuration of various pulse jets.
  • Spider Filter Cage – It serves various uses in the pulse jet baghouses. These cages have vast space that collects filter bag dust and ensures enhanced efficiency.
  • Split Filter Cages – Also known as the two-piece cage; they have a crucial headroom placed in the air plenum.

Filter cage manufacturer

These filters made from various wire diameters in automatic cage welding machines serve critical bag house components for optimum performance and durability. Also called the dust collector bag, the manufacturers make them from stainless steel or galvanised carbon steel. This revolutionary technology’s construction involves 10, 12, 0r 20 vertical wires with a layer of epoxy, silicone coating or PVC vinyl coating to avoid metal corrosion. Smooth welding gives it a seamless design while allowing customisation of the enclosure shape to form an oval, round or envelope cage, rolled band, double rolled flange, crimped or welded cup and more.

Different Industrial Usage Applications  

The range of industries where the manufacturers supply these filter cages are as follows –

  • Medicine industry
  • Plastic products industry
  • Food industry
  • Cement industry
  • Mine industry
  • Paper industry
  • Power stations running on coal
  • Construction and building industry
  • Steel power stations

At Saf Filter Pvt Ltd., we have years of experience manufacturing premium quality filter cages with proper dimensional accuracy. We cater to different industrial clients, rendering utmost satisfaction for all.

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