Follow these Filter Bag Maintenance Tips to Control Air Pollution

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If you are a factory owner, you may know about environmental compliance. Factories specialising in manufacturing heavy goods causes a large volume of emission. Uncontrolled industrial emissions can affect the surroundings as well as the health of the workers. To control it, all factories need to be environmentally compliant.

Why Baghouse Filter System?

To achieve this goal, many heavy industries use a baghouse filter system. This system is a reliable way to reduce industrial emissions and capture pollutants. The bags are made of fine fabrics that ensure an uninterrupted run for many years. However, to reap the maximum benefits of the filter, you should take good care of it.

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How to Take Care of the Filter Bags?

This blog will tell you some helpful maintenance tips for baghouse filter systems. One should consult a reputable filter cage manufacturer to purchase a better quality product.

  • Check the Differential Pressure: This is an important part of the regular maintenance routine of the filter. By analysing the daily log of the differential pressure, you can check for any deviations or problems on the filter. It is also important to check any operational problems with the baghouse system.
  • Timely Replacement of the Bags: For the consistent performance of the filter bags, it is very important to replace them regularly. You should observe the conditions of the fabric and other filter components. If it is clogged by the cake formed by filtered pollutants, it’s time to switch to an upgraded setup. Do not delay in replacing the bags if you see holes in them.
  • Look Out for Visible Emission: When the filter bags are in their best condition, you won’t notice any visible emissions. However, if you observe this issue, you can be sure that your baghouse system has been torn or damaged. Do not take much time to replace them immediately.
  • Check the Cleaning System of the Bag: The cleaning system is an important component of the dust collection setup. This system ensures optimal performance in checking the emission. A baghouse filter generally has three cleaning systems: Pulse Jet, Reverse Air and Shaker. You should give more attention to controlling the pressure and ensuring proper lubrication.

To protect the air and environment from industrial emissions, it is vital to keep your filter cage system up and running. To get it from a professional source, you should visit SAF Filter Private Limited. We are a well-known dust collector bag supplier based in Kolkata. Our components are suitable for use in different industries. Contact us today for more details.

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