Know The Types, Benefits And Industries Where Filter Cages Are Used

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It is important to keep the air surrounding us smoke-free, so we can breathe with complete peace of mind. An easy way to achieve this is by installing filter cages. They separate the dust present in the air and prevent allergen circulation. Choose a reputable manufacturer of high-quality filter cages, and you will notice a reduction in allergy symptoms and make your home more comfortable. You can also make the most of them if you know the common types, benefits and industries where these cages are used.

5 Common Types Of Air Filters Used In Filter Cages

  • HEPA filters are quite popular. When air passes through them, the filters collect the airborne particles. They are generally used to remove dust mite residue and bacteria from the air.
  • Filter sleeves are used to get rid of dust from industrial gases. They help in releasing dust and capture high-value dust like gold and silver.
  • UV Filters use ultraviolet light to kill allergens found in the air. They are generally used to remove yeast and bacteria from our surroundings.
  • Standalone ionic filters are used by homeowners to keep the number of irritants and allergens in the air under control by removing viruses, chemical fumes and second-hand fumes.

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4 Benefits Of Using Filter Cages

  • Changing filter cages are quite easy, and companies don’t have to maintain a separate crew to take care of the equipment.
  • Fit a filter cage in the dust collection system, and you have to spend less than traditional pleated filters. If your industry needs more than one dust collection system, compare its initial cost with future savings.
  • Choose a reputable filter cage manufacturer, and you can rest assured that the material used to construct the cages can handle a lot of wear and tear.
  • Filter cage manufacturers use woven fabrics and high-quality felts to sew the filter cages to meet their clients’ exact dimensional standards and specific requirements.

3 Common Industries Where Filter Cages Are Used

  • Filter cages used in the mining and chemical industry are made using stainless steel. Some even carry an ASME stamp. Every stringent regulation is followed during the filtration process.
  • Sleeves and cages are used in the brewing industry to remove proteins by reducing the time required for the formation process, separating grains from sugar and removing unwanted solids before putting the liquid in bottles.
  • Filter cages are widely used in the food and beverages industries as they offer a higher level of reliability and don’t cost much.

Since you are now aware of the common types, benefits and industries where filter cages are used, it’s time you start looking for a reputable manufacturer.

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