Time To Know More About The Application Of Air Slide Fabric

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The semi-permeable fabrics used in silo aerators or air-activated conveyors for dry bulk powder conveyance is air slide fabrics. They are also known as conveyor belts, air slide belts or canvas cloth. Make sure you choose a reputable bag manufacturer in India, and you can rest assured that the air slide fabric will have all the vital features and offer great performance. They will be heat-resistant, air-permeable and have high tensile strength. It is the manufacturer’s responsibility to ensure that the fabric offered by them has high technical performance and its quality has reached the international level of similar products. Know about the application of air slide fabric.

How To Use Air Slide Fabric

The performance of air slide fabric depends on the experience of the fabric manufacturer in India and how you are placing the fabric. It will be easier for you to achieve the best conveying results if you fix the air slide belt between the air-flow box and the material. You can even change the conveying direction and use the fabric for multi-point unloading and multi-point feeding if required.

Application Of Air Slide Fabric

Few Vital Features Of Air Slide Fabric

  • No noise
  • Lightweight
  • Long service life
  • Easy to maintain
  • Good sealing
  • High-temperature resistance
  • Low power consumption
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Low moisture absorption
  • Smooth surface
  • Abrasion resistance
  • Reliable and safe operation

Few Common Applications Of Air Slide Fabric

  • In the cement industry, air slide fabric is used in boats and cement trucks.
  • In the mining industry, the fabric is used to convey fly ash, lime, phosphate or alumina.
  • In the chemical industry, it is used for the conveying of soda.
  • In a power plant, it is used for the conveying of fly ash.
  • In the food industry, it is used for the conveying of flour. Generally, food-grade fabrics are used for conveying.

Unique Facts About Air Slide Fabric

  • Though the fabric is temperature resistant, it can reach 180oC at times.
  • The synthetic fibre used in air slides nowadays are corrosion-resistant, heat-resistant and of high quality.
  • The fabric can be woven on special equipment with specific requirements.

Tips To Take Care Of Air Slide Fabric

  • Handle the fabric with care during transportation, loading and unloading.
  • Choose a clean means of transportation without any chemicals or oil.
  • Store the air slide fabric in a well-ventilated and dry warehouse.
  • Keep the fabric protected from rain, sun and snow.
  • Ensure there are no oil chemicals where the fabric is stored.
  • Keep the fabric away from heat sources.

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