Know The Common Uses Of Fabric In Various Industries

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If you think that fabric is only used for making dresses, it’s high time you debunk the myth. They have been an integral part of our daily life from time immemorial. There are numerous fabric manufacturers scattered all over India offering a wide variety of fabrics for different purposes, occasions and industries. Each variety of fabric has unique properties and different areas of application.

If you want to approach the right fabric manufacturer, know the common uses of fabric in various industries. Industrial fabrics are specially designed and engineered so that they can be used for various processes, products and services. They are made using higher value fabrics and are hard to manipulate.

Visiting A Fabric Manufacturer In India? Know The Various Uses Of Fabric In Industries

  • Apparel Making

All type of fabric used for making clothing are known as apparels. The apparel fabrics are generally used to make functional wear, inner wear, men’ wear, kids wear, ladies wear and fashion wear. Sometimes, these applications are divided into subcategories like leggings, belts, dresses, coats, footwear, headwear, gowns, cloaks, trousers, tights, neckwear, shorts, jackets, shawls, trousers and skirts. The demand for apparel fabrics is always high in the fashion industry.

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  • Home Textiles

Textiles are also widely used for household purposes. The aesthetic and functional properties of home textiles provide mental relaxation and comfort to the people. Fabrics used for making home textiles can be either man-made or natural fibers. Both are important and have different applications. Few common uses of home textile fabrics are table clothes, sheets, pillow cases, towels, blankets and rugs. According to a survey, there are still numerous scopes for innovations and developments in this sector.


  • Filter Cages

Industrial fabric is widely used to make filter bags and air slide fabrics. Renowned filter cage manufacturers use high-quality needlefelt fabrics and yarns to make them. High quality felts and woven fabrics are sewed to meet exact requirements and exacting dimensional standards of several industries. The air filters offered by them helps in controlling air pollution and bulk material handling. Fabric filter cages help in improving operation, decrease emissions, combine multiple systems and minimise electricity usage.  Filters are cleaned using less compressed air.

Approach The Right Manufacturer

If you are willing to make the most of industrial fabrics, approach an experienced fabric manufacturer in India. They will provide a wide variety of fabrics which can be used for challenging and high-performance applications.

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