Is it Possible to Reuse a Cage after the Filter Being Changed?

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If the query is about whether the cages can be reused after changing the filters, then the right answer can be provided by taking a few things in account.  The re-usability of the cages depends on the application. It can be reused in a few applications, but for some, it won’t be possible or for the matter of fact not correct to use them. It is essential to understand the extent of damage faced by the cage to conclude why it is necessary to change the filter and whether it can be reused or not. If it is not suitable for reuse, then the most natural solution would be finding one of the reputed filter cage manufacturers and get a new cage.

Types of Damages Normally Encountered by the Cages

Damages Caused by Mishandling and Corrosion

The two primary forms of damages include damage due to corrosion and physical damage due to breaking, bending, and warping.

Physical Damage: As the maintenance personnel handle the cages over a long period, it tends to get broken or bent during frequent change-outs and maintenance procedures. As the cages are stacked one upon other for storage purpose then also they might get deformed. Apart from that, temperature and fire can cause the cages to get warped.

Corrosion:  The cages are corroded as a result of acid flashes and other chemical attacks. It can also happen due to some issues arising internally within the system.  The high level of moisture also promotes corrosion in the metal cage. If the cages are left outdoors, then also they get exposed to the corroding agents.

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 Consequences of reusing the damaged cage with a New filter

A damaged cage leads the filter to fail sooner. There are three ways a filter might fail when a damaged cage is in use. They are as follows,

  • If the cage is bent or warped, then eventually it can wear holes in the filter and will cause it to leak out. Thus the filter will fail massively, and it would be costly in terms of maintaining such a cage. There can be possible shutdowns in systems, loss of production, and paying a hefty price for replacing the filter sooner than usual.
  • A bent in the filter cages when pulsed can also make the filters rub against the collector’s side or one another causing the filters to tear open.
  • There are several sharp edges in twisted or bent cages, and they might cut holes in the filter cloth as pulsed.
  • The corrosion in the cages eats through the filter quickly causing it to fail at a faster rate.

Therefore, it can be well said that reusing damaged cages will harm the life of the filter. So, if the cage is prone to mishandlings or exposed to acid/alkali compounds, high humidity, condensation, and so on, then it is not wise to use it again.  If the cages are in use at foundries, dryers, chemical processing then also it is better to avoid using it again.

If you have a bent or corroded cage, then get in touch with SAF, one of the most trusted filter cage manufacturers to have the new cage with the next set of replacement filters ready at your disposal.

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