3 Common Types of Air Slide Fabrics Different Industries Use

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Air slide fabrics have become excessively popular among the industries where granular and powdery products are transported during the manufacturing process. The material is made of preamble textile material, and hence it helps in the air passage. You’ll find these materials available in different textures, thicknesses and grades. Fabric manufacturers in India produce them according to their use.

Depending on the usability, the thickness and the grade of the fabrics vary. Hence as per the user’s requirement, the fabrics are manufactured, and the length, width and thickness are adjusted accordingly.

The majority of the air slide fabrics are woven with multiple warps, and you’ll get different types of fibres like Polyester, Meta Aramid and Para-Aramid. Here’s a list of standard air slide fabrics that are used in different industries.

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Polyester Based Air Slide Fabric

These air slide fabrics are manufactured in both warp and weft. Filament polyester is woven in wraps, and spun polyester is woven in the weft. The primary feature that makes this a popular choice is the continuous air permeability. This prevents the granular materials from getting dried. Moreover, different industries prefer using these fabrics because of their high abrasion resistance feature. They are safe to use because this material is resistant to decay and prevents any bacteria or fungus formation. You’ll find many industries using this material to be easily fitted due to its scalable heat feature.

Polyamide or Nylon Based Air Slide Fabric

These fabrics are made of solid woven with Nylon. Unlike polyester, this is used for the transportation of bulk materials in pneumatic conveyors. Thus because of this advantage, it is high in demand. The customers of the cement industry, metallurgical and shipping industries prefer using this material.

Cotton Based Air Slide Fabric

As the name suggests, this fabric is manufactured with cotton. It is used in both warp and weft, and solid cotton fabrics are woven for the purpose. The most beneficial feature of this fabric is its ability to absorb humidity; hence you can ensure that the applications will be free from moisture. Unlike the other two variants, this is a good material that can be used for transporting soft abrasive and non-abrasive materials. Furthermore, industries prefer using this material because it has the ability to self cleanse. Thus the hectic process of cleansing can be avoided.

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