3 Important Baghouse Dust Removal Options

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With the right kind of baghouse dust removal method, you can lessen the problems you will face due to the excessive dust build up in your system. What will happen if excess dust gets accumulated in the filter bags? The first problem that you’ll face is the blockage of the airflow. From the moment the airflow is blocked, the suction system will stop working.

Now the dust accumulated together will create an explosive situation and will eventually create an explosion. Hence the filter bag manufacturers in Kolkata are of the option that using the proper dust removal method is necessary.

What are the critical baghouse dust removal options? Before you try finding answers for the same, you must check a few things. You must check the type of dust collector bag that you’re using. Is it a baghouse or Cartridge dust collector? What type of specks of dust gets collected in the bags? If they are hazardous, then the solutions might be different from that of the non-hazardous ones. You should also check the loading frequency of the clouds of dust. This will give you a fair idea of the type of removal options suitable for the purpose.

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Different Baghouse Dust Removal Methods

Rotary Valve

These are also known as airlocks or rotary feeders and helps in moving the dust from the dust collector to a bin. Rotary valves are commonly used in large baghouse systems where the CFM is over 10,000. The primary purpose of using the same is that it effectively seals the pressure and prevents air loss. You might find this type in a feeding mill.

Drum or Bag

This is a very easy to use solution for dust removal. The drums or the bags are attached to the systems, and once the same gets filled up with the dirt, you can remove the same. Unlike other removal methods, this is reusable. You can clear the dust and again attach the drum bag to the system for collection of dust. However, this can’t be used for all types of dust. Remember that the same is used for only non-hazardous wastes. They are easy to handle and doesn’t need much protection. However, for the collection of hazardous and explosive wastes, this is not a suitable method.

Enclosed Box

This method is applicable for large systems where considerable amounts of dust are generated. With a pipe funnel, this enclosed box is placed beneath the hopper. A 24/7 maintenance team will be required to monitor and empty the boxes continuously. However, this can be used only in the case of non-hazardous dust and light dust loads.

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