Air Slide Fabric Manufacturers – A Comprehensive Guide About The Same

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The air slide fabric, also known as the air permeable fabric, is important in different industries’ bulk material handling processes. With the help of air-slide fabrics, smooth and powdered materials like cement and other chemicals used in the food processing industry are efficiently moved from one machine to another. Read on to learn more about air slide fabric manufacturers, factors to consider when choosing the right manufacturer, and features of the fabric.

What is air slide fabric, and what are its features?

As mentioned above, the primary role of this fabric is to facilitate the movement of granular and powdered materials in industrial processing units. They are commonly installed in the form of a fabric chute or a conveyor belt. With the help of compressed air, a cushion is created, which lifts and allows the materials to flow through the fabric surface smoothly.

What are the characteristics of airslide fabric?

  • Permeability

This fabric is generally designed to allow a controlled flow of air through its porous structure. Hence, it has good air permeability. This feature is essential for fluidising the material and maintaining the movement of the materials along the fabric surface.

  • Surface smoothness

The surface of this fabric is generally smooth and uniform, which helps minimise friction. This is an essential feature because it helps facilitate the free flow of materials.

  • Durability

These fabrics are durable, and hence, they can be handled easily by labourers working in the industrial segment. They are engineered to withstand prolonged exposure to abrasive materials and high temperatures.

  • Composition

Air slide fabrics are commonly made from synthetic fibres such as polyester or nylon, which are highly durable and resistant to abrasion. Since the materials used are of good quality, hence they are a positive choice.

What factors should you look for when choosing an air slide fabric manufacturer?

  • Check reputation and experience

Contact manufacturers with extensive experience in fabric production. This will help you obtain high-quality fabric for your industrial purposes.

  • Check industry standard compliance

Make sure you check the industry compliance standard. Since these fabrics are used for manufacturing and processing, always check the standards before ordering them.

  • Check customisation options

Make sure you get the fabric from manufacturers who offer customisation options, such as changing the thickness and material composition of the fabric according to your requirements.

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