What Are the Different Materials Used for Air Slide Fabrics?

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Air slides are used for transporting bulk powders from storage units to pneumatic conveying processing systems so that an easy, convenient, and controllable method can be used to transport the same. The air slide conveyor uses gravitational forces to move the materials. This material flow is achieved by sloping down the air slide conveyor to match the different angles.

Air slide fabric manufacturers generally use three common materials for manufacturing air slides. The air slides are manufactured using either polyester, nylon or cotton.

Know more about the different types of air slide fabric materials

Polyester-based air slide fabric

These filter fabrics are generally woven with polyester and are used in different industries for filtering purposes. Here are the features of polyester-based air slide fabric:

  • These filters allow constant permeability of air.
  • These materials are highly resistant to abrasion, decay, and rots.
  • These materials can be easily cut down into different shapes and sizes and easily fit.
  • These materials are highly resistant to wear and tear and long-term degradation.
  • These materials have high tensile strength.

Nylon based air slide fabric

Like the polyester variant, these air slides are also solid woven materials having the following characteristics:

  • These materials are air permeable and are hence used in bulks.
  • They are commonly used in the chemical, cement, and metal plant industries.
  • These native dense phase systems.
  • These materials on the filter offer more stretchability compared to polyester.
  • These materials used on the filters make the filter light in weight.

Cotton-based air slide fabric

Cotton is used in many industries because of its absorbing power. Cotton is used in warp and weft for solid woven cloth fabrics. Here are the characteristics of the same:

  • They easily absorb all types of humidity and moisture during the manufacturing process.
  • They help to keep the pieces of machinery moisture-free.
  • They help in the self-cleansing process of the filter and are suitable for all types of machines.
  • They are good filter materials for both non-abrasive and abrasive materials.

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