Common Myths About Air Filters That You Should Stop Believing Today

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Air filters are meant to keep the air around you pure so that you do not end up inhaling the pollutants and contaminants in it. A very useful contraption, an ever-increasing number of interiors are installing these filters to ensure the good health of the people in it. However, there could be more but some people get hindered from buying it because they believe in certain myths that have associated themselves with air filters. A filter cage manufacturer discusses the common myths about air filters and why you should stop believing them to be true.

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Debunking the Myths Related to Air Filters

  • You Don’t Need to Change the Filter Cages Frequently

One of the foremost things that everyone thinks is that the rule of replacing the filter cages at regular intervals is a marketing ploy and in fact, it is not actually required. This could not be further from the truth because, in the process of purifying the air, the filter cages themselves become extremely dirty. This can greatly inhibit the filter’s ability to keep on delivering purified air, and this is why the filter cages should be replaced regularly, ideally at 3-month intervals.

  • All Air Filters are the Same

Another thing that people believe is that every air filter is the same. This is also not true, because filters can vary depending on their capacity to purify the air. There is a MERV scale (Maximum Efficiency Reporting Value) which rates the capacity of the air filter canvas. The higher it is on the scale, the better its ability to deliver pollution-free air. To put things into perspective, air filters in hospitals and other healthcare spaces are usually above 14 on the MERV scale, but filters in the average home are generally considerably less.

  • Filters Only Keep Dust to a Minimum

While the initial point of an air filter’s existence was to make sure of the fact that the dust in the air is collected so that purified air is delivered. But today’s filters do more than collect just dust. They can clear the air of dust, debris, viruses, bacteria, and dander of pets.

These are the most common myths that people believe about air filters. You should stop paying heed to such misconceptions and go ahead with getting a filter cage if you feel like it.

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