Seeking Quality Filter Cages? Know What To Consider When Choosing

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Do you think it’s time to get a high-quality filter cage for your specific dust collection system? Getting a dust filter bag which is perfectly designed to serve as a critical bag house component for great durability and optimum bag performance can make all the difference. Wondering how to buy the right filter bag? No worries. All you need to do is keep a few vital factors in mind for making an informed decision.

The primary role of a premium quality filter cage is to offer basic filtration as well as prevent dust and allergens from integrating with the air we breathe. These dust filtration bags even form to be a vital part of every heating and cooling system in your residence. Approaching a reputed filter cage manufacturer can thus be a great way to ensure the well-being of your family members by keeping them healthy.

Here’re some useful tips to help you buy a high-quality filter cage!


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Key Considerations To Take Into Account When Buying Filter Cages

  1. Check The Micron Ratings

Every dust filter bag has a feature known as “nominal rating”. This usually means that the sophisticated product will allow the bypass of particles which are larger in size than the micro ratings. But, this won’t be a major problem as the right product size is determined by testing different micron ratings. And, for ensuring the gas is purified, you need to look for filter bags which have the capability to stop most of these particles.

  1. Keep In Mind The Fabrics

Checking the fabrics is another vital consideration which you must keep in mind when selecting a filter bag. While it’s true that a number of fabrics are used in the manufacturing of industrial filter bags, it is the felt bags with woven fabrics which enjoy most popularity. What makes these products a widely preferred option is that they provide great resistance to mineral acids, organic solvents, alkalis, organic acids as well as micro-organisms at high temperatures.

  1. Consider The Nature Of Dust

Analyse the filtered gas and dust properties. And, once you get the analysis results, you need to start searching for industrial filter cages which are ideal for filtering the dust and purifying the air. Make sure the dust collector’s design perfectly meets the optimal performance of the filter bag. At the same time, you should also think about the design of the gas cooling devices, pre-dusting devices as well as other ancillary equipment.

  1. Think About The Construction

There are many who prefer using sewn bags for the assurance that these bags are mechanically much secured. But, a big concern with sewn seam bags is the tiny holes which are made by the needle that sews the product. Remember; if the holes are bigger in size than the product’s micron rating, unwanted materials can easily by-pass it.

On the other hand, welded construction products have the fabric fused together for securing the sealing ring to form the filtration bag. Owing to the fact that these bags are free from sewn holes, no wanted particle will be able to bypass.

So what are you still here for? Approach a leading filter bag manufacturer and bring home high-quality filter cages!


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