Keys to Ensure that Your Filter Bags are Operational for a Long Time

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It can be quite an annoying matter if your filter bags become non-functioning at regular intervals. Every time this happens you have to spend money on getting a new one and this expense keeps on increasing with time. However, doing certain things can make sure that you filter bags are functional for a considerable period of time. Read on to know the ways you can prolong the life of your filter bags.

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Ways to Prolong the Operational Life of Filter Bags

  • Check the Design

One of the most common issues as far as bag house designs are concerned is that the designs are usually too small considering its purpose. Undersized bag houses result in an excessive amount of air that has to go through the filters. This causes the filters to become clogged before eventually failing altogether. Consider going to a filter cage manufacturer who can ensure that their product is in the inlet design so as to make certain of the fact that the airflow is distributed evenly.

  • Pay Attention to the Operation

When filter bags are in operation, the temperature needs to be kept in mind. Excessively high temperatures can lead to the degradation of the filter bags as a result of the heat. Cleaning to frequently also leads to the wearing down of the fabric. It needs to be understood that filter bags are made from fabric and just like any other fabric, cleaning too often can wear down the quality. The build-ups that occur on filter bags are often related to moisture. The more moisture and oils that come into filter bags, the more dust will be collected in the filters. This dust cannot be removed from these filters, leaving you with the only option of replacing them.

  • Maintenance

Perhaps the best way of ensuring that the life of your filter sleeves is prolonged is by keeping a regular maintenance schedule. Making sure that the equipment is properly and regularly maintained will bring down the need to replace them significantly. On your part, you should ensure that you get the professionals to come and look at whatever needs to be fixed and go ahead with doing it.

As long as you make sure that you have done the above things, you can rest assured that your filter bags will be functional for a long time, negating the need for you to replace them.

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