How Do You Increase the Lifespan of Filter Bags?

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Filter bags are a boon for the industries, and if they stop functioning at regular intervals, it can be quite annoying and stressful. Whenever a filter bag stops working, the industry must spend money to get a new filter bag for processing. However, taking good care of the filter bags can help increase the lifespan of the same. If you want to increase the lifespan of the filter bags, follow the three important tips mentioned below.

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How can we increase the functional lifespan of the filter bags?

Keep the temperature in check

Sometimes, the filter bags operate under high-temperature changes, which readily degrades the quality of the bags. Whenever you are using a filter bag, make sure that you check the temperature level beforehand.

Do not clean the filter bag often

You need to understand the fact that filter bags are made from fabric. If you keep cleaning them continuously, it can wear down the quality of the bags. Thus, it is advisable to avoid frequent clean-ups. Also, make sure that you use the best quality cleaning solution for the filter bags so that the fibre quality is not damaged. Again, at times, moisture in the form of oil will get collected into the filter bags. In such situations, there will be no option left for you to clean the same. All you can do is replace the filter bag with the new one.

Keep maintaining the filter bag at intervals

The best way to ensure a filter bag’s lifespan is to keep a regular maintenance schedule for the same. You might not realise it, but your filter bag is under much pressure during the processing system. When regular maintenance is opted for, you can ensure that the quality of the filter bags and their lifespan is improved.

Keep a check on the design of the filter bag

Whenever you buy a filter bag, make sure you check the designs of the bag. If they are unusually small, it will become difficult for you to clean the pores. The filters will remain clogged and eventually get damaged with time.

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