Top Fabric Based Filter Equipment Used in Pharmaceutical Industry

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The filtration system is an important stage in the pharmaceutical industry. It is helpful in getting rid of different contaminants and impurities from a freshly prepared compound. The manufacturers use different types of filtration processes to acquire the best results.

Importance of Filtration

For a proper filtration process in the pharmaceutical industry, the importance of the fabric cannot be ignored. It is the raw material used in producing the filtering equipment. The filters can vary according to the size and usage of a manufacturing unit.

Filter Cloth Used in Pharmaceutical Industry

In this blog, you can learn more about the equipment made from filter cloth in the pharmaceutical industry. It will be useful to contact a filter manufacturer near your location. They stock different equipment that can be suitable for your use.

Filter bag manufacturer

  1. Filter Bags: This filtering equipment can operate under different circumstances. It can be used in a vacuum to segregate liquid from solid materials. The bags are generally made of polypropylene cloth. It is the same material used to produce face masks for COVID-19. The filter bag is resistant to alkali and other acidic conditions. They can be specified in different forms according to your specification.
  2. Centrifuge Filter Bags: These bags are one of the most popular filter equipment used in the pharmaceutical industry. They are effective in treating acidic solutions. The filtered liquid goes through the wall of the centrifuge bags, which act as a medium. You can customise the weave and the yarn to get better results. Particle retention and Flow rate requirement are two important things to note while selecting these bags.
  3. Filter Pads: These are circular shaped filters found inside a filter cartridge assembly. The material can be made of different types of cloth, including cotton, polypropylene and nylon. The filter pads are useful in obtaining the cake formed between the filter plate. It holds back the impurities and provides a clear fluid.
  4. Fluid Bed Dryer Bags: These bags offer better drying and particle retention. For these two important features, they are widely used in the pharmaceutical industry. This bag is generally used during the last part of a process cycle. You should be careful in choosing the manufacturer as quality control is a key factor in producing the bags.

These are the vital equipment manufactured from filter cloth. You should visit a professional source to get quality filtration products. Consult SAF Filter Private Limited, which can provide you with industrial-grade filter fabrics and filter bags. Visit their website for more details.


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