Know in Details about Different Types of Filter Cloth and Their Common Applications

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Filtration tools are used in a large number of industries to perform different types of tasks. From filtering the water to reducing the emission of dust particles in the air and from filtering the food items to blood plasma distillation – the application of the filter cloth is diverse. Companies that manufacture and supply filter clothes, filter cages and filter bags provide the right type of products to various other industries that need proper filtration for their daily production.

To execute the best type of filtration, the right kind of filter cloth has to be selected. Choosing the wrong fabric will not help you to perform the job as per your needs, and you cannot obtain the desired results. Before you choose the best filter fabric for your production; let’s see what types of filter cloths available in the market and what their common applications are.

Types of Filter Cloth

Nylon Filter Cloth: This is one of the most-used types of filter fabric available in the market. When you need the filtration of rough dusts or harsh wet solids at low temperatures, then nylon fabric is the best material for filtration.

Cotton Filter Cloth: This type of filter cages is used for various industrial areas. Cotton is another most popular material for building filter cages. This material is used for making hotel sheets, tarpaulins, tents, army uniforms and many other items. Apart from that, they are also widely used for making medical products like bandages, gauze and cotton wool to prevent the flow of blood.

Polypropylene Filter Cloth: With notable finish and superior service, the demand for polypropylene filter cloth can be seen in many industries. This is used in the liquid-solid filtration process. It is because of its exclusively low moisture absorption power, polypropylene filter cloth is preferred for dye production.

Filter Cloth

Application of Filter Cloth

In most of the heavy-duty industries, filter cloth is used for reducing air pollution. The filter sleeves reduce the amount of dust particles that are released in the air by the factory. These are some of the areas where the filter fabrics are widely used;

  • Vehicles
  • Chemicals
  • Oil filters
  • Board mills
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Geotextiles
  • Water filters
  • Dust collectors
  • Paper industries
  • Food industries
  • Shopping bags
  • Ceramics

There are many other industries where the use of filter bags or filter cages is very common.

How to Choose the Right Manufacturer

Choose the best manufacturer of filter cloth and filter bags based on their reputation, experience, the capability of production, quality of the products and price. You may find a long list of filter fabric manufacturers on the internet. Nonetheless, not all of them are equally reliable and affordable.

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