Know about the Benefits of Air Slide Fabric

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The use of air slide fabric in various industries is enhancing day by day. This is because with the help of the modern technologies, the top air slide fabric manufacturer comes up with the latest products that have more benefits to offer to the users.

The Definition of Air Slide Fabric

It is a kind of air permeable fabric that is usually used in different industries for air-filled conveying of bulk fine dry products. Cement and other raw materials in the construction industry are conveyed in these fabrics so that they cannot be exposed to the air and lose their dryness. The pneumatic conveying of these dry and powdery products cannot be done successfully without the air slide fabrics which are also known as air slide cloth, air slide canvas or air slide belt.

This fabric is made of polyester staple fibre and heavy-duty woven integrated weft are used to make it.

The Use of Air Slide Fabric

Usually, the air slide fabric is used for the pneumatic conveying of powdery products like aluminium, cement and others. This fabric is also apt for air-filled conveying devices of other granular materials, such as bulk cement tankers, automobile bulk powder tankers, and trains.

Air slide fabric

Why It Is Used

It improves the transportation efficiency of all these goods. It keeps the integrity of these products intact and you can use them without any damage. It has excellent fluidity which protects the devices from damage during the transportation.

The materials are transported in a closed chute. It is highly beneficial to keep the environment unpolluted because the material has no flying loss. Hence, it is good for keeping the environment in good condition.

The materials are transported in closed chute which has airslide belt in the middle so that it can be fastened correctly and there will be no damage in the product.

All the top air slide manufacturers use the best quality materials to make the right thing for their clients. They generally use premium corrosion-resistant and heat-resistant chemical synthetic fibre to make this belt and canvas.

These fabric is highly used in various industries because of its durability and longer lifespan. Ithas minimal impact of the wear and tear which makes it a perfect choice for the heavy-duty industries. Moreover, air slide fabricis resistant to caking and do not absorb moisture. This fabric is completely resistant to rotting and decomposition which makes them eco-friendly.

With the help of the advanced technologies, you can customize the product to meet the specific needs of your industry or business. They can be available in different thickness and grades. You should consider the fabric as per its application.

SAF is one of leading manufacturers of air slide fabrics in India. We are also involved in the manufacturing of filter bags. We use the top quality materials for this manufacturing so that the standard of our products can be maintained well. These products can be used to control air pollution and handling bulk materials. Please give us a call if you wish to get more information about our products and services.

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