Know The Common Types Of Air Slide Fabric

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Air slide fabrics are also known as aeration pads, aeroslides, fluidising fabric or air-permeable fabric. Though there are numerous manufacturers scattered all over India, learn more about the product and its application so that you can choose the right manufacturer. Generally, solid woven fabrics are used in air slides for transferring fine dry products. Let the manufacturer know that you want to transfer bulk material using air gravity, and they will provide some common types of air slide fabric. You don’t have to worry about the fabric material if the manufacturer uses high-quality polyester to make air slide fabric or air slide canvas.

Few Common Features Of High-Quality Air Slide Fabric

  • No caking
  • Decomposition and rot-resistant
  • Can’t absorb moisture
  • Abrasion-resistant
  • Low wear and durable
  • Unload without any residue
  • Low shrinkage rate even in humid and hot conditions
  • Constant fluidisation over the complete surface

Air slide fabric

3 Common Types of Air Slide Fabric

  • Polyester-Based

Polyester-based air slide fabric is made using filament polyester. The material is used to make solid woven fabric and possess the characteristics stated below,

 Resistant to high abrasion

 It doesn’t warp or weft

 Rot and decay-resistant

 Heat scalable, which allows easy fitting

 Continuous air permeability

 High tensile strength

 It doesn’t form fungus or bacteria

  • Polyamide Based

The demand for nylon or polyamide-based air slide fabric is relatively high as it has numerous applications. When nylon is used to make solid woven fabric, it becomes air-permeable and you can use it to transfer bulk materials. Few common uses of polyamide or nylon-based air slide fabric are cement plant, dense phase systems, metallurgical industry, fixed cement tanks, chemical industry and bulk cement tank trucks.

  • Cotton Based

Cotton is also used to make air slide fabric and has the characteristics stated below.

  It can be used for moisture-free applications as the material can absorb humidity.

  Used when transferring mild-abrasive or non-abrasive materials

  Used in applications where you need self-cleansing fabric

Choose SAF For High-Quality Airslide Fabric

Over the years, SAF has projected itself as a reputable air slide fabric manufacturer and exporter. The fabric is specially manufactured for pneumatic conveyor lines. They are widely used in cement works, lime factories, chemical plants and mining. To cater to the unique requirements of distinct industries, they manufacture industrial air slide fabrics after considering those needs. It is not only about air slide fabric; they are also a reputable manufacturer of air slide belts. The material has a multi-ply structure with different thickness, weight and permeability. They have high tensile strength and are resistant to abrasion. Discuss your needs with them, and they will customise the air slide fabric accordingly.

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