What are the main uses of Airslide Belts?

 In Airslide belts

Special air slide fabric, which is primarily utilised to create high-quality air slide belts, is produced and exported by a large number of businesses. You can alter the fabric’s weight, thickness, and transparency in addition to customising the greatest possible fit for your needs thanks to its multi-ply composition. Due to the numerous sectors that employ these belts, demand for them has significantly increased in recent years. It’s time to brush up on your understanding of the numerous industries where these belts are implemented and how they function if you intend to contact an Indian manufacturer soon. This will assist you in making a prudent investment and selecting the best goods.

Airslide belts have 3 main uses

At a Cement Plant

The chute’s midsection is where the belt is situated, and powder material is fed into the chute from above the belt. You might sense the wind power moving the belt pushing the powder material as items fall to the bottom slide of the chute. Along with the remaining wind, the leftover powder will exit the chute through the top. Because of how precisely the mechanism works, only the powder material will travel inside the chute while it is operating. Using less energy, aids in keeping low expenses.

Hold of Cement Ship

The floor of the slanted cargo compartment is covered by fluidizing panels. After that, the air slide belt is put on the fluidizing panel’s surface. Rotary piston blowers are used to deliver oil-free compressed air to the panels. Furthermore, this causes the cement to flow to the location where the disposal gate is situated.

At the Fluidization Silo

The air slide fabric is installed on the outermost layer of the silo bottom because silos and bins typically have slanted conical bottoms that aid in the removal of free-flowing, typically dry material. Although a filter bag is often employed, the pointy bottom of silos is another option to remove relatively dry, freely flowing material. The conical storage area’s length determines how long the air slide conveyor components are. You can utilise the spoke patterns with ease if the components have good fluidization properties.

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