When Should You Change Your Dust Collector Bag?

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There are stringent guidelines to keep industrial air pollution under control. Apart from harmful gases, fine dust is a significant contributor to air pollution. Not only does it pollute the air, but it is detrimental to the health of the workers as well. Dust collector bags are used to filter these particles out. Dust bags that have been neglected for a long time have led to extreme accidents like fire and explosions. Maintaining and replacing them is vital but figuring out the right time is tricky. There are some times when you need to contact a dust collector bag supplier.

Dust bags have a stipulated lifetime. After one point, no amount of cleaning will be helpful. It must be replaced after it has reached the end of its lifetime. Many factors decide this time. Depending on the type of dust it filters and the conditions in which the machinery operates, dust bags have a variety of life spans. A dust bag will also work better when it is cleaned and maintained better.

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Even if dust bags haven’t been used up, they might get damaged. High humidity levels, excessive heat, abrasive dust and mechanical wear also damage the dust bag. Choosing the right bag is also vital to its health. Always check for the fabric, composition and properties of the bag before selecting one.

3 Explicit Signs That You Need to Change Your Dust Bag

A Damaged Filter:  There can be several reasons for having a damaging impact on the filter.  It can be a fire or explosion, excessive heat or moisture, chemical reaction called hydrolysis making the fibre of the filter react with water leading to dimensional instability, and of course mechanical wears due to damaged cage, abrasive dust, or over pulsing. Whenever any such damaging instances occur, the collector tends to find dust steaming out of the bag.

Filter Blinding: This is another common reason why a filter needs to be changed. The filter blinding signifies that the filter has reached the extremity of its usability. It implies that the filter is in-depth loaded with dust and cannot remove any more dust required to maintain the desired airflow. The usable life of a filter is based on various elements like the humidity, moisture, and chemical composition of the gas stream along with the conditions under which it works.

Inappropriate Filter and Filter Media: The selection of the perfect filter also plays a vital role in maintaining their longevity. If the shape and size are not chosen correctly, then they won’t work optimally. This will again lead to a need for changing the filter soon.

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