What Factors Affect the Efficiency of Dust Collecting Bags or Filter Cages

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When you are installing advanced dust collector for collecting the dust in a regular manner in your factory, you need to understand that several factors determine the efficiency of those bags. The manufacturers and suppliers of filter cages of bags prepare them for certain tasks. If you use those bags for something different, then you may not receive the desired result.

Know the Important Factors Affecting Filter Bags Efficiency

The Material of the Bag

You need to be careful about choosing the right material for your dust collector bags based on the type of dust the bag will collect. The environment and industry type are two major factors to decide the material or the filter cages installed in a factory for collecting the dust. In general, good ventilation and high filtration efficiency are needed to perform well.

Filter sleeves

The Air Speed

While recognizing the top factors that affect the dust collecting capacity of a filter bag, you need to consider the filtering airspeed. The dust concentration of the dust collecting gas has a close relationship with the filtering air speed. The practical size of the dust also has a relation with the same. Typically, if the dust concentration is high, then filtering air speed should be kept low.

Air Leakage

The matter of air leakage directly affects the dust collection efficiency of the dust collector bags and filter cages. In general, bag dust collectors are operated under negative pressure; hence air leakage is normal. In such cases, the dust collection procedure cannot handle the air volume, which forms positive pressure dust. The air leakage enhances the dust collection resistance, which gradually reduces the efficiency of the dust collection system.

Cleaning Interval

If you take too long to clean the dust, collecting bags, then the efficiency of the entire system will be badly affected. However, the cleaning interval should be determined based on the production volume of your factory. When you keep the dust collection bag clean in a regular manner, you can expect to get a much efficient service.

Choose the Best Filter Cage Manufacturer

The quality of the dust collecting bags depends on the manufacture of the same. You should look for the top dust collecting bags and filter cage manufacturer to obtain the most reliable and durable products for your factory.

There can be many in the market. You should look for the one with extensive experience, a wide array of products, high-quality services, and durable products. You need to check whether

  1. The bags are lightweight
  2. They are durable
  3. They are cost-effective
  4. Easy to interchange or replace
  5. Easy to handle in your site

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