A Guide to Keeping Industrial Air Pollution Under Control

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The quality of air in most of the cities of India has deteriorated at an alarming rate. Even though the emission from vehicles is the major cause of air pollution, industrial emissions are not far behind. Not only factories but even shopping complexes or movie theatres have a role to play. Strict laws have been implemented to check these. Not being prepared and up to date with the norms, might lead you into paying a heavy fine or even shutting down your business for a few days. With a few simple steps, you can ensure that you are caring for the environment well.

What kind of pollutants need to be checked?

Air pollution is a very broadly used term. Industrial air pollutants are the main cause of environmental contamination. The outputs of a factory mainly consist of harmful cases like carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides and ammonia. Factories are also known for giving out particulate matter along with lead, harmful hydrocarbons and other organic compounds.

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How can filters be useful?

A baghouse filter is one of the top air pollution control devices that is efficient in any industry. It filters the harmful gases and it is also effective in the collection of the dust particles. There are two major components that you should look into. The quality of the filter bags used as well as the filter bag cages and venture makes all the difference.

The fabric used in the making of the filters should be the top priority. The first step to getting the right fabric is to access your needs. Know and analyse the size and nature of the pollutants before choosing a fabric. In general, going for better-woven fabrics which has the resistance for temperature and moisture will prove highly beneficial.

In case of the filter cages and venturi, you should look for features like longer lasting time and light in weight. It will be a bonus if it is also easily interchangeable and can be handled easily.

What about pollution which doesn’t happen in the factories?

Even if you have an office or a business complex, the air conditioning and ventilation system that you use might cause problems. If you do not have proper pre-filters, it doesn’t only go against the guidelines, but it also poses a threat to the health and safety of the appliance. A good quality air filter should have low resistance and high dust holding capacity, to be able to perform well in any circumstance.

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